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David J. Stewart: Man of Faith or Man of Fools

David J. Stewart

David J Stewart Exposed!!
David J Stewart believes in necromancy

     While i was browsing for ideas about making accessories thorugh the internet i came upon a certain website From the title itself i knew that it was about religion specifically about bible and Christianity or Catholicism. It's ok by me because i love reading and learning history and religion. I was expecting for something biblical and educational that somehow can relate to some readers or at least a good understanding of how Christianity's beliefs work. But i was so surprised when i opened the page. This is what i basically saw. 

     At the far left and right sides of the page are choices that will link to different topics. When i clicked one of choices on the left i opened up a page that talks of heresies. And i was shocked to see that most most of the topics he talked about are how people are represented with false doctrines and wrong teachings and fake churches by the other religions who also use Bible. According to David people are too blind to see that many churches are using the name of God and the sanctity of Bible just to earn money and make a fool out of us. If i was a Christian i would have believed in what he said about we should be studying Bible, attend Christian groups or celebrate with the Christians for the coming of the Lord and whatnot. But since i am not a Christian i won't have to or i would probably end up giving out more questions one after another than receiving answers. But i respect the belief though. And for some Christians I've met i admire their strong will to not stray from what they were taught. 
     However, with this David character, understanding Christianity has led me to a new level. I tried to read every article in the page. But i was so overwhelmed with what he was trying to convey so i stopped in ... well... i couldn't even recall anymore where i stopped.
     The ideas that caught my eyes are:

By faith in Jesus Christ ALONE we are immediately saved.

     If by Jesus alone people get saved then how about those who don't take him for a God Or a saviour? Like the Jewish or the Muslims or Buddhists or ... there are so many religions not related to Jesus or Bible. How can they be saved? from... well in the first place nobody really knows what it really is we should be saved from, right? But since that is their belief we cannot take that away from them. So if Christians think that something is going to destroy all the people someday and the world will be engulfed in fire like burning hell and Jesus is the only way who save us then so be it. Let's just leave them with their own thoughts.

* Salvation is NOT found in a religion or good works, but in a Person... The LORD JESUS CHRIST!
     In this sentence i was more confused. All the while i really thought that Christians considered Jesus as God. Because once i had a chance to get in a chat room full of Christians and i asked one of them what was Jesus's religion at the time he walked the Earth. She answered God has no religion because He is The Religion and God is the one who wrote the Bible. That was from When i tried to relate the history on how Bible was made, who made them and why i don't use it as my guiding path most of them got so agitated in fact the very person i was talking to accused me of insulting her when all i am saying are what i have learned and read and known. Then she walked out on me (that's figurative of course coz we're talking on a chat room) Since i was a child i have been hearing Christian's say Jesus is God and he is the Lord. So that's what i thought of ever since. But now this David guy is simply stating that Jesus is not a God but a person. That he is only some sort of a bridge to reach God. I wonder what other devoted Christian's would think if they knew about this.

* False Religions and False Doctrines

     David mentioned a list of rituals and traditions that some of them are practiced by Catholics that he considers heretic in this topic. He said: 
     * Baptismal Regeneration is the process of water baptizing in order to go to heaven and it is a lie. That is how the Catholics have done it in centuries right? And no one has complained about it. Because that is what the Catholics and maybe some of the Christians believe and maybe they still do until now. So why would David argue with it? Why does he have to go through all the trouble of starting an argument where no one has won nor failed?
     * Jesus has been known to sacrifice his own blood to save the humanity. David said it's blasphemy.
     * In Celibacy Priests should get married and not tie themselves to the idea that they shoud devout their lives to religion. It's only fair that everyone shlould practice their right to be with people they love but since it is the Catholic's belief then why argue with it?
     * Bibles are spoken into 2 different says: Speaking in tounges and silly jibber jabber of some sort. Maybe people who are well vered with Bible are the ones who can understand about this.
     * Even Satan can do miracles. - Of course, according to Catholics and Christians Satan is an spitomy of everything evil and the counterpart of God so he probably can do miracles as well in order to attract humans to follow him.
     * The Age of Aquarious: To get into the age of Aquarious is to enter into a new world where there is only one nation governed by one Federation and being run by the Antichrist.
 - I think this is totally overrated . There are a lot more, you can read them all throught the link stated above.

     * Billions of People are Going to Hell!
     According to Davide there are approximately billions of people aound the world and 90% dying without wven raching 70years old. And portion of this percentage don't believe in Jesus so they will definitely go to hell. - For me, i don't care coz i don't beleive in hell. For me if there really are heaven and hell they are already here on Earth depending on how you treat others and what you contribute in your community. I don't need to believe in some guy who lived thousands of years ago who became a hero and turned out to be a God to live accordig to my beliefs. Everyone should live as how they want their lives be written in history. No one shlould speak on their behalf unless they ask to or if they are incapable of speaking. And no one should force others to believe in what they believe because it will only end in unnecessary arguments.

    * The Devil's Music
     David said most of the musicians sold their soul to the demon. The music icons he mentioned ar Taylor Swift (isn't she the pretty young lady whom i saw one time in the news visiting a sick kid in a hospital?, so for David being compassionate is an evil work?), Hollywood has an immense hate for Jesus due to allowing satanic industries to produce evil music, Led Zeppelin is evil to the core especially when their guitarist Jimmy claimed that he follows the words of Aleister Crowley, a well known magician and faith speaker in the late 1800's onwards, Kanye West is one of the reasons why America is on the road to hell, Niki Minaj is an example of a temptest because of her music saying she loved cocaine dealers and popping pilss, Justin Bieber is a homosexual boy toy, Dolly Parton is also a devil worshipper because she sang one of Led Zeppelin's songs, Rock music is the devil's advocate, Eminem is promoting hell when he popularized his song "I wnt to dig my way to Hell", Michael jackson is evil by himself alone by his way of interpreting his songs with erotic voice sounds and dances, and there are tons more with the link above. But what caught my eyes is mentioning soe christians use music like rock music with biblical lyrics,so for David this is satanic all the way and both satanists and wiccans follow the God Pan, the world's most infamous sex predator. (Is it the same with Peter Pan?)
     So i thought what does David really want in a music?  Does music have to be mellow all the time? I thought everything we do even music itself is influenced by our thoughts and feeling therefore by our soul so how can something so lovely be considered led by evil? For me i think David is just trying to make every anlge of evil so that he can justify his point.

     David J. Stewart probably is a kind of person who is not content with his life. He could be someone so stressed and depressed that he can't accept the fact that others are happy so he does these in order to make others feel miserable as well. Or maybe he is the one who's lost and need some guidance. Maybe he needs someone who will tell him not of the Bible or Chrstianity or Catholicism or anything that pertains to individual's belief, but of accepting life as it is. That humans have different views in life and beliefs and faith. That what's important is that we are getting along together regardless of the race and color. If his intention is to make enemies more than friends then he is doing it perfectly. 
     Somehow i thought of what kind of person would do these things that David did. I thought maybe something went wrong in his past or maybe there is something wrong with him he just doesn't know it. Until i came upon these pages.
     David J Stewart Exposed!!
     David J Stewart believes in necromancy
     Then i fully understood. I may not be an expert in Psychology but according to a Psychologist i know, if  person undrgoes the same ordeal there is a disorder in him and he should be understood than judged. So now i am just trying to understand this person. It would be a lot easier to just accept him as he is and understand what he goes through and think that maybe that's just what he believes in. Instead of contesting him and argue with him that will only cause misunderstanding and argument without benefits. That's what i said in my comment to his page, contrary to what other reader's answer.
     Arguing with these kind of people will only lead us to nowhere. I will not suggest to pray for him or wish well for him, it's up to you, but i hope you do as long as it comes from the heart. It's what i did and i did it not for him but for myself because it made me relaxed and i'm sure somehow the spirits are there to guide him too.
     To all who reads this, Blessed be.


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